Outdoor led full-color sign

February 25, 2023 | News | Comment

You must have seen the outdoor led full-color sign used by companies for advertising purposes. These colorful and bright screens boost the sales of these companies by attracting more customers.It is impossible not to notice these full-color outdoor Led screens. Advertising through led screens is an affordable and easy access strategy.

Types of full color LED screens 

Different types of outdoor led screens include P10, P8, P6, and P4. The slight difference in the properties of these screens affects their performance and prices. The names given to screens as P5, P8 are due to the distance in the led lights.   The distance between the P3 LED is 3.0 mm. Similarly, the distance in P5, P6, P8, and P10 LED screens is 5.0, 6.0, 8.0, and 10 mm respectively. Less distance between the led refers to a high-quality view and an increased price. More distance is equal to a less clear view and low prices

LED Screens 

Outdoor led screens are the topmost choices for a signboard. The scrollable digital display is the biggest reason for this. As it is proven that a picture speaks a thousand words than plain text. In the same way, a scrollable video like a signboard speaks 1000 words than a static sign or billboard.

Waterproof and dustproof structure. 

The main features of these screens are their waterproof structure to protect the light from getting wet during the rainy season. Outdoor led screens do not allow the dust to sit on the screens to avoid bad views. 

Adjustable brightness 

You can adjust the brightness of the outdoor led screen based on the darkness and brightness of the surroundings. For instance, in the evening brightness should be low and high at the night. 

Cabinet design 

Multiple led screens need to fit in a cabinet to show the complete picture. Make sure to choose a lightweight cabinet as it is easy to manage. 

Low power supply 

Top-quality outdoor led screens do not require a high power supply for their operation. 

Anti storm 

Outdoor led screens verified as anti-storm and erosion help prevent the screen from falling. As it can cause damage to life and property. 

Large view angle 

Secure digital SD enables a large angle horizontally and vertically for a better and distant view without producing any distortion in the picture. 

Color selection for the LED screens 

Choose bright and popping colors like yellow or red to attract more people to the LED screen. Do not go for dull or neutral like beige or gray. These colors are boring and people are unlikely to notice your full color outdoor led screen.  

Calculate your budget and requirements 

You need to estimate your total budget based on the place where you want to set the screen. If your funds are high, choose the P3 screen sign for a clear view. Full color-led screen's importance cannot be overlooked if you are looking to build your brand. Even P10 could be a better choice a than traditional static billboard.    

BeBright is here to assist you to choose the most optimal choice of screen.

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