Cob led screen | FINE PITCH

With the emerging ​Cob LED Screen technology, the fine-pitch LED display has improved the visual performance through better impact resistance.  For a close viewing distance, fine-pitch LED display has become a great visual experience as it delivers true-to-life videos and images with high precision pixel pitches.

The fine-pitch displays will bring you extraordinary image quality and precise colors for a remarkable viewing experience.Fine-pitch customized solutions will give you a wide range of customized, state of the art solutions of its applications in broadcasting studios, shopping malls, museums, retail stores, meeting rooms, hotels and airports, cinemas and college campuses, etc. 

The integrated design of the fine-pitch LED ensures peace of mind of the customers by making installation and maintenance simple. In case of any technical issue, customers need to replace the small box. The fine-pitch LED screens comes with user-friendly, standard FHD, 2K, and 4K resolution to play any video of 16:9 aspect ratios along with a standard panel of 4:3.  

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