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Fine Pitch

Fine pitch LED displays offer stunning visuals with improved impact resistance thanks to Mini LED technology. Delivering high-precision pixels, they provide true-to-life images and videos for an exceptional close-viewing experience. Expect extraordinary image quality and precise colors for a remarkable viewing impact. These displays go beyond visuals, providing a wide range of customizable solutions for diverse applications in broadcasting, shopping malls, museums, and more. Their integrated design simplifies installation and maintenance, requiring only small-box replacements for any technical issues. User-friendly resolutions like FHD, 2K, and 4K ensure compatibility with various video formats, including 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.

Micro Pitch LED

The micro pitch LED display has made it possible to achieve 4K UHD resolution through small screen sizes. The micro-pitch LED display can be used in projections and tiles products that need outstanding contrast, brightness, and colors. The micro pitch design makes the display of 4K and 8K resolutions easier to display using a more reasonable picture size. The micro pitch LED units are energy-efficient and borderless and make it easier to tile multiple panels effortlessly and create can achieve any dimension or aspect ratio without affecting visual experience. The tiny size micro pitch LEDs offer an extraordinary contrast ratio of more than 1,000,000:1 that is beyond the conventional LED display performance.


The most salient feature of an outdoor fixed series LED display is its capability to withstand harsh weather and less energy consumption. This makes the outdoor fixed series LED display ideal for displaying advertisements in open public spaces such as stadiums, parks, transportation, and other scenic spots with high brightness in the open air. The other important features of outdoor fixed series LED displays are high contrast and uniform color ratio to give you vivid natural image quality. The super-wide viewing angle gives the same visual experience from any angle to cover more audience. The anti UV modules ensure there is no deformation under the sunlight. The heat dissipation feature gives outdoor fixed series LED displays a long-lasting life.


The indoor fine pixel fixed series displays are available with a unique design and 1920 to 3840 Hz refresh rates to deliver an optical performance. The indoor fixed series have stable output and have brightness range between 800 to 1000 cd/m2. The indoor fixed series displays are ideal for small and medium businesses with low budgets. Compared to the traditional LCDs and projectors, the indoor fixed series displays offer true colors, vivid image quality, and optimal performance in an indoor environment. With pixel pitch ranging from 2.5 to 4 mm, the indoor fixed series can perfectly accommodate all kinds of applications and you can experience an optimal viewing at the distance from 7-15 feet.

Poster Screens

Poster screens or poster displays have gained popularity as effective sales and marketing strategies for the retail sector. With rapidly changing product information, poster screens are the best tools for product promotions and campaigns. Poster screens are ideal for hanging a variety of print media such as papers, cards, and fabrics. The poster screens are cost-effective and extremely simple tools that can be changed in seconds, lifted, or removed. Poster screens come with a double or single-sided display and require no tools for installation with keyhole cutouts and vacuum suckers. Poster Screens are available in 3 different sizes of A1, A1, and A3.

Mesh Screen display

The mesh LED displays are the thinnest body with 12mm and its thinness is just 60mm. the weight of mesh LED displays are just 15kg/m2 that reduces the load on the building and saves transportation costs. It is 45% to 70% transparent and the pixel pitch range varies from 45% to 70%. The laboratory tests of the mesh LED displays have proven it to be weather resistant and heat dissipation in the open environment.


The transparent LED display is ideal for a wide range of commercial places like exhibitions, specialty stores, airports and shopping malls as the new transparent design attracts customers by sharp contrast and background digital content. With a 70% to 92% transparent display, the unit can be installed from behind the glass and perfectly fits with the glass curtain. The size of transparent LED displays can be customized according to the size of the glass it is to be mounted which makes it ideal for building media.


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