Enter the new decade with a popular immersive, one-of-a-kind advertising experience. Capture and retain attention with high-definition LED screen advertising in an environment bombarded with advertising messages across all mediums.

This latest type of Bebright digital signage has proven to be a crucial tool for interior and outdoor advertising. Piccadilly Circus in London and Times Square in New York are both famous for their displays.

Overview :
LED advertising screens are becoming more common in cities all around the world. The feedback has been extraordinarily positive, and demand for this incredible new technology is rapidly increasing.

A transparent LED display screen is a form of LED display screen that is as clear as glass and contains LED functionalities. It allows viewers to see whatever is displayed on the glass while still offering total covering of the background.

Unlike transparent LCDs and OLEDs, which require integrated electrical modules to handle visual signals or emit light, a passive transparent display projects images and movies onto a transparent substrate packed with resonance nanoparticles that selectively reflect light. There are some interesting facts about transparent LED screens we will discuss 7 of them:




By using window space for advertising while retaining a visibility range of 55 to 93 percent, transparent LED displays combine the best of both worlds. While searching in this manner, customers may read or experience information about the organization. By allowing natural light to flow through, the see-through aspect of the display screen adds to a more cheerful home ambiance. The screen’s LEDs are practically imperceptible from a distance, and it does not block sunlight from reaching the glass wall.

Ultra-light and Ultra-thin

The smallest module is approximately 10 mm thick, while the biggest panel is over 60 mm thick, and a 500 x 1000 mm panel weighs around 7 kg. The basic body of the screen is only 10 mm thick. After installation, it takes up practically no space and will not interfere with other facilities or structures in the neighborhoods of the glass wall. The transparent LED screen is light as a feather. As a consequence, the load on the glass wall after installation is modest.

Easy Installation

The adjustable installation maintains the building’s aesthetic while providing excellent visual performance. The fast lock and tool-free design allow for simple installation and maintenance.

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, consumers cannot read a message unless at least half of the banner is displayed for at least one second. If you utilize a clear LED unit, your display will keep passers-attention Bys for much longer. It will also catch their interest and retain their attention in a way that internet platforms cannot. Not only are transparent LED displays difficult to overlook, but they are also easy to read. Because of the huge number of lumens each bulb generates per watt of electricity, people can see them from a distance and easily make out the text, even in brilliant sunshine. To guarantee that your display has as much information as possible, you may choose from some pixel pitches.

Traditional outdoor LED screen displays have very high brightness. The brightness might exceed 6,000 nits, providing an essential visual experience during the day, especially in Malaysia. While a bright LED screen is beneficial during the day, at night it might cause eye strain and light pollution. Light pollution may degrade the beauty of nighttime towns. It does not contribute to city aesthetics. Extreme brightness might cause road accidents and other fatal occurrences if the worst comes. A transparent LED screen’s brightness may be changed. Its brightness may be adjusted to suit its intended use. During the day, you may have strong light and at night, you can have softer light. Indoor displays can have as little as 1,500 Units of brightness, whereas outdoor displays can have up to 8,000 Units of brightness. Long distances do not cause the color to become hazy. This means that at any reasonable range, the audience will have a great viewing experience.

Because of their lightweight and ease of installation, certain transparent LED screen displays do not need to be put directly on exterior walls or glass walls. Instead, they’re kept indoors or concealed behind a glass wall. Although the installation behind the glass is not watertight, it is simple to keep up with. Outdoor maintenance may be done behind the glass, which reduces the risk of harm. In a modular design, each screen panel is made up of the same small detachable components. Indoor maintenance is also easy and safe, allowing you to save both time and money


Unless you have an unlimited budget to spend on monthly electricity expenditures, energy efficiency is critical. When compared to an incandescent bulb, which converts just 10% of electrical energy into light, an LED converts 90%. You’ll see how quickly the savings add up when you multiply those percentages by the number of kilowatt-hours on your power bill. Other digital signs use less energy than clear LED displays, such as LCD projectors and even opaque LED displays. The little bulbs have a ten-year lifespan and are affordable to replace. They don’t contain mercury or halogen gases, which require special disposal or represent a risk if they shatter, unlike LCD lights. An LED wall will endure longer and be easier to maintain than traditional large-scale projectors, in addition to being less expensive to manufacture and install. As a result, long-term financial savings are realized. The translucent LED screen display may be used for outdoor advertising, visual performance, and architectural design. It has a lot of commercial potential and a bright future ahead of it. We believe that the future possibilities for the transparent LED screen display are endless

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